BFST has been cancelled months ago! Why are you still here? Go away.

THIS is the site I work on now! Head on over... th' fweeby dude web comic

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This site is on its early stages of work. Expect many changes.

This is the site for Battle for Something!

This is the news column! I will update it whenever something news-worthy about BFST happens.


03/03/2016: CFTFIP is almost done! I'll be able to hire animations and voice actors to finally work on BFST! It's been put off for over a year. That's kind of shameful.

01/05/2016: I'm thinking of adding a navigation bar at the top of the site. We'll see how that goes. (Update 03/03/2016: It didn't go at all. :>)

01/01/2016: Ooohh, look. The first post of 2016. Well, I'm beginning work on BFST again.

12/01/2015: Still figuring out the future of my channel.

11/05/2015: I'm going on hiatus until the 16th of November.

10/26/2015: I'm a bit late to tell you I have an ink camp.

09/22/2015: My stupid school blocked the image host I use for stuff on my site, so now I need to find a new image host. Some images may temporarily go missing.

08/17/2015: I added all the info for the new tokens here.

08/17/2015: I am not dead.

06/05/2015: The show got rebooted. I'll update the site to fit the reboot. I'll do it. I will.

04/18/2015: You can now recommend characters within the site.

04/17/2015: I'm cleaning up the site's design A LOT. Expect moving stuff around and other major changes.

04/17/2015: The comments section now uses Disqus' comments instead of the ones by HTML Comment Box.

04/15/2015: We have a forum now! (By we, I mean me. Because me is the only person working on this site.) So yeah. Register an account on the site it's on and you can talk about BFST on other places!

04/14/2015: I currently have plans to get a microphone. Also, two of your recommended characters are planned to join on Episode 12.

04/14/2015: I am starting over BFST Episode 2. I'm going to re-write the plot, but I can't actually animate it because I don't have a microphone. I still don't. I don't want to spoil the whole thing to you, but I'll tell you it'll be something about bridge building.

04/13/2015: Camp Episodes will now come out the day after the deadline. This means deadlines will vary, but the deadline will ALWAYS be three days after the episode is released.